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Learn from knowledgeable professionals in the diverse field of conflict resolution with online courses.

Online Dispute Resolution Services

We facilitate both face to face and online mediation sessions.


We work with organizations and governments to implement structures and policies to manage conflict.


We Specialize in Conflict Resolution Services

The Caribbean represents such diversity of cultures and ethnicity, there is always the opportunity for conflict.

 It is only through specialized training that the region’s organizations, businesses and governments can adequately prepare to overcome conflict when it arises.

We invite you to be a part of this important journey with us as we strengthen our relationships throughout the Caribbean region to ensure that as a people we are skilled in managing conflict in its many spheres

Available Courses

Get started today with any or all of our proven courses. You can also request a customized course to meet your specific need. All courses are conducted online.

Managing Workplace Conflict

Learn the principles of effective listening and communication in the workplace. Improve work relationships and customer service.

Foundational Mediation Skills

Apply foundational skills to become trained as a mediator. Learn from experienced mediators in their field.

Mediation Skills for H.R. Personnel

Apply mediation skills within an HR context, and also gain negotiation skills for industrial disputes.

Conflict Resolution Skills for Leaders

Understand the dynamics of leadership style and workplace conflict. Build team rapport to improve productivity.

Conflict Resolution Skills for the Tourism Industry

Learn to improve customer relations and build team rapport to deliver exceptional service within the hospitality sector. 

Negotiation Skills Training

Learn how to problem solve and how to  deal with difficult personalities during negotiations.
A Word

From Our Principal and Founder

“We are excited to announce our new line up of courses designed specifically for working professionals. In the coming weeks, we will also be launching a totally new sister charity that promotes mediation through organising community projects and working in collaboration with schools.

There is a lot happening at CCCM and we’re eager to share it with you.”

– Maria Phillips


Rochelle Lashley

Rochelle is an Attorney-at-Law, practiced in civil litigation, contracts, corporate matters, family and employment disputes.

Anthony Durrant

Mr. Durrant functions in the capacity as a director of the centre as well as a family mediator and facilitator.

Elsa Webster

Elsa is experienced in business management, consulting, performance management, organizational design and more.

Lennox Rochester

Mr. Rochester is a graduate of Brunel University, London.  He has served in various capacities on a number of organizations in the medical field.

2024 Courses

Managing Conflict with Customers and Coworkers
March 18th – 20th 2024
Managing Conflict with Customers and Coworkers

Session 2

May 27th – 29th 2024
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