Course 01

Managing Conflict with Customers and Coworkers
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Course Overview

This course is taught over the period of three half days of intensive training. Participants are engaged through interactive sessions in which the facilitator teaches the principles of effective listening and communication, in addition to negotiation and mediation skills. Participants will also have the opportunity to apply conflict resolution skills in relation to conflict which arises employee to employee and employee to customer. This course also trains participants to effectively manage difficult coworkers and customers.


Participants are given a detailed manual which encourages participants to be self-reflective throughout the course.

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Demonstration of Conflict Resolution Skills

The coaches working with participants demonstrate foundational mediation and negotiation skills which allow participants to interact and ask questions.


Video Demonstration

Another tool used by the facilitators is the use of recorded video presentations showing live mediations. This assists participants in applying mediation skills as well as engages them in understanding and the critique of effective approaches to use in reaching a settlement.




Programme Outline

Conflict Analysis

Effective Communication Skills

Handling Difficult Emotions in the Workplace

A Principled Approach to Negotiation

Creative Problem Solving

Introduction to Mediation Skills Training

Role Playing Exercise

Programme Outcomes

By the end of this session participants will be able to…

Identify different causes of conflict in the workplace

Explain personal conflict styles

Develop listening and communication Skills

Apply negotiation and mediation skills for managing conflict with coworkers and customers

Who should attend

Persons within organizations responsible for disputes

Customer services representatives

Human Resource Practitioners

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